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When women support each other, incredible things happen.
Have you ever been on the receiving end of a life-changing gift? Have you been blessed with the presence of your own "Fairy Godmother" in real life? Do you want to pay it forward and gift a beautiful gift to a sister?
If you'd like to help a sister in need of a little assistance, we are offering the ability to become a Fairy Godmother. Our Fairy Godmother Pass Options are a way for women to become "Fairy Godmothers" and gift a ticket to a sister needing a little assistance in attending the retreat. These gifts of love will be delivered to the recipient after purchase. If you would like to send love to a specific sister or want to send your gift a special note, please email us after completing your purchase.
If you would like to make a different monetary donation to the Fairy Godmother Reserve to help cover the scholarships, you may choose a different amount and make a one-time donation by debit or credit card using our secure application by pressing the button below.
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