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The Conscious Living Community LLC. The CLC was founded by Megan B., Lacey J., and Shalako LaLoba in June 2018 with the vision of uniting people from all backgrounds and places throughout the world in a sacred space. A place that allowed women and men to grow spiritually, emotionally, creatively, socially - and to leave our events not only feeling renewed and reconnected to what it truly means to exist as a human BEing, but also with a sense of family you probably never knew existed... A tribe that unequivocally celebrates every single bit of all that is YOU, people that just “get it”. We strive towards making sustainable and eco friendly choices whenever possible - always a “no trace left behind” community, and we have zero tolerance for judgment, shaming, discrimination, sexism, or any other belief that belittles or harms another human being. We celebrate love and free will, and we know that the world is a better place when we strive to coexist in harmony by consciously living our lives to the fullest and encouraging others to do the same.
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I’m the wild card. The girl that loves it all and views life as the ultimate video game - with obstacles sprinkled throughout, testing our strength and determination to grow and evolve, rewarding us with each “level” we beat... And this playful approach to life has served me well on my quest to enlightenment.


I was born to two addicts for parents but raised by a single dad in the Ozark Mountains. I ventured out to California in the summer of ‘07. After 10 years living on the west coast, everywhere from Hollywood to Santa Cruz to Lake Tahoe. Now, as a mother, partner, and woman instead of girl, I recently made the move back with my family to where it all began - the Ozarks. 

I’ve got a list of titles and accolades, anything from certified makeup artist from MKC Beauty Academy of Hollywood, to certified light worker via the Spirit Junkie Masterclass with Gabby Bernstein, to a self awareness and social media detox coach that has served 100s of women over the past 5 years in reaching their wellness and business goals, to commissioned intuitive artist, and many more, but what I believe qualifies me most to serve in connecting women to their divine feminine source and uniting them with soul sisters in a safe space are the wounds I’ve managed to heal, and in turn, reconnect me to my own divine femininity. As the product of two addicts for parents, a surviver of sexual abuse, a woman who has overcome a Hep C diagnosis, divorce, and a lifetime of self-limiting beliefs, I’ve fought tooth and nail to heal my feelings of insecurity, abandonment, fear, and lack of self worth, and if it weren’t for the strong women that became my spiritual advisors along my journey, I wouldn’t be where I am today. 


I truly believe that there is light in all of us, but the level of brightness depends on our determination to do the sometimes painful shadow work. I believe The Abundant Sisterhood is the safe place to do just, the tribe so many of us have all longed for all our lives. Proud to have my name attached to such a necessary and powerful movement.

Looking forward to meeting you, sisters.

With Love,

Shalako LaLoba


I am "Work In Progress"... quite literally. 

Born and raised in the midwest by an adopted family in a strict religious environment, I struggled to cope with the loss of my parents and feeling of belonging. When I was a teenager, I realized that I didn't fit into the ideals of my adopted family and I moved out to face the world on my own at the age of 16. What I stumbled upon in the world outside of my bubble, was a beautiful mosaic of interesting souls. Different belief structures. Different backgrounds. Different sexual orientations. Different experiences. What I discovered was beautiful. I experienced more love and acceptance from strangers than I had found even in my own tree. Since then, I have been on a journey of discovery that has led to a few love affairs with different Gods, a large collection of written works of inspiration and motivation, a Massage Therapy License and a chosen family that I have pieced together over the years.

I am the seeker - still on my journey and not yet feeling completely comfortable in my current place in the female community. I've always felt so out of place around women, seeking out male friendships because they felt safer and easier. After becoming a mother, I found my soul crying out for female connection. That inner cry for connection led me on a hunt to identify what was wrong with me... Why didn't I "like" women? - What I learned was that there wasn't anything "wrong" with me, I was capable of dropping the walls I had built up and I found myself finally enjoying feminine connection. What I found was that there are so many women struggling and feeling the same way as I was. Thankfully my journey has brought so many incredible women in my life and taught me that I do have a place in the female community - and my place is here!

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Ozark Mountains, Missouri

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