Gather your sisters and pack your camping gear for a whimsical weekend getaway full of workshops, yoga, community meals, arts & crafts, spiritual growth, connection, and tapping into all things divine feminine energy during the Autumn Equinox.

Time & Location

Sep 17th, 6:00 PM – Sep 20, 12:00 PM, Crane, Missouri 65633

Gates will open at noon on Thursday, September 17th. Opening Ceremony will begin at 6:30pm.

The exact location of this retreat will be disclosed when you purchase your ticket, for safety & privacy reasons.

About The Event

This Women's Retreat is for the dreamers, the nurturers, the maidens, the mothers, the crones, the healers, the lightworkers, the seekers still searching for their place within a feminine community and those who have lost their way and need to be uplifted. Come celebrate your abundant feminine powers and relish in safe, female connections.

The gorgeous property is located outside of Crane, MO in the Ozark Mountains, with two very easy routes to reach your destination. Rolling hills, fresh babbling brook running through, a high plain for better view of the growing moon, a hidden cave to explore and magical woodlands to camp in and around. It is a little piece heaven on Earth but it is not for the Goddesses faint of heart. The property offers an experience close to primitive the grid "glamping" if you will... with solar showers and depending on rainfall prior, a brook to rinse off in. If you'd like to adopt the philosophy of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, you're not only encouraged, but celebrated, for conserving precious water and using the weekend as an opportunity to connect on a deep level to the Earth and reestablish your confidence in your primal intuition and nature by letting go of your need to bathe for a short 3 day span.

Workshop & Events

The workshops planned for this year's retreat will not disappoint. We have a beautiful line up of talented and passionate women coming to share their gifts with us this year. 

This year you can expect the following events:

- Women's Empowerment Workshops

- Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

- Tantric Breast Massage

- Herbal Alchemy

- Art Walk

- Make N Take

- Trade Village

- Love Wash

- Sound Bath

- Topless Yoga

- Daily Yoga

- Community Meals

- Muffins & Mimosas

- Goddess Feast

A full description of each workshop will be shared on our Facebook Event Page. Please follow us on that page for exciting announcements leading up to the retreat.


Limited # of Tickets Will Be Available

Join our Waiting List to be reminded when they come available.

Our hearts are saddened that it has come to this, but we must do our part in being community conscious for our sisters & their communities. We have decided to take this change in the winds and devote our energies into making 2021 the most magical experience to date - as it is the LONGEST we will have had to plan our annual event.

We appreciate everyone's understanding of this difficult decision. It was not taken

lightly. Thank you for your patience and continued support. If you are a 2020 Passholder, please check your email and respond by July 31st to receive a full refund or an exchange for a 2021 Autumn Equinox Retreat Pass. 


We can not WAIT to meet under our Tree of Abundance next year.

Roots & Wings,
The Abundant Sisterhood



Pass Availability & Pricing

Grassroots Leadership Intern


  • Build relationships with grassroots individuals
  • Develop grassroots strategy for activism, recruiting, and training
  • Train and develop leaders through the servant leadership model
  • Provide leadership, guidance, and direction to a grassroots team
  • Dedicated patriot
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proven leadership ability
  • Sale/marketing experience is a plus
Send Questions and Applications to

Grassroots Information Systems Analyst Intern


  • Review and investigate information systems tracking for accuracy
  • Gather data and input into graphs and spreadsheets
  • Work to identify and track key performance indicators
  • Spreadsheet and data manipulation
  • Dedicated patriot
  • Proficiency with spreadsheets
  • Strong work ethic
Send Questions and Applications to

Technology Management Intern


  • Assist COS IT leadership with all computer and system-related concerns from clients or other employees
  • Assist management in creating training materials pertaining to computer troubleshooting and usage
  • Organize and file documentation pertaining to warranties and instructional guides for computer hardware
  • Complete detailed reports listing requests for technical assistance, steps taken to resolve them, and the specific dates/individuals involved
  • Coordinate with State Information Analysts across the nation for messaging
  • Technical and analytical skills
  • Able to use organizational skills in hardware and software troubleshooting
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skiills
Send Questions and Applications to

Media and Marketing Intern


  • Assist in making calls to the media (radio, print, and tv)
  • Assisting with reporting, marketing, and COS fundraising
  • Collaboration on digital strategies across all COS platforms
  • Organizing and creating spreadsheets
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Proficiency in using XL, Microsoft Word, and Google Drive
  • Able to use and design in Wix
  • Understanding of Salesforce (optional)
  • Optimal computer knowledge
  • Strong desire to analyze data
Send Questions and Applications to

Regional Director's Intern


  • Recruit, manage, and supervise volunteers
  • Organize and review grassroots information and statistics
  • Assist in event planning for regional events
  • Hlp build and empower teams of volunteers
  • Track multiple processes simultaneously
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google Drive
  • Strong interpersonal and relationship building skills
  • Ability to work within and form teams
  • Comfort with learning new software
  • Self-motivated individual
Send Questions and Applications to

Pass Options

Ample Abundance Pass

The Ample Abundance Pass is a Full Event Pass. It is good for access to all of the scheduled events and workshops during the retreat as well as a camping pass for all three nights.

Cornucopia of Abundance Pass

The Cornucopia of Abundance Pass is an All Inclusive Pass. In addition to a Full Event Pass, this ticket includes all of your basic camping needs set up and waiting for you upon arrival. You will be supplied with one of three spots in an 8 person Yurt tent and the following supplies to use for the weekend: cot, sleeping bag, yoga mat, reusable dishes, flashlight, a tumbler and all of your meals are provided. Please note - There will be a very limited supply of these spots and we expect them to sell out fast.

Tribe of Abundance Pass

The Tribe of Abundance Pass is an All Inclusive Pass for Yourself and Two of your Sisters. In addition to 3 Full Event Passes, this ticket includes all of your basic camping needs set up and waiting for your group upon arrival. You will be supplied with an 8 person Yurt tent for you and your sisters to stay in over the weekend and the following supplies for each of you to use for the weekend: cot, sleeping bag, yoga mat, reusable dishes, flashlight, a tumbler and all of your meals are provided. Please note - There will be a very limited supply of these spots and we expect them to sell out fast.

Maiden Pass

This pass is reserved for our Maiden Goddesses aged 14-17 that are joining us for the weekend. This pass must be purchased with an Adult pass of the same type.

Fairy Godmother Pass

Our Fairy Godmother Pass options are a way for women (and supportive men) to become "Fairy Godmothers"/brothers and gift a ticket to a sister needing a little assistance in attending the retreat. These gifts of love will be delivered to a sister who has applied for a scholarship. If you would like to donate to our Fairy Godmother Funds, donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated. Donations are accepted all year around and will go towards Scholarships for our Applicants. Please click the "Fairy Godmother" button at the bottom of this page to donate. If you would like to apply for a Scholarship, please complete the Scholarship Application on our Scholarship page under "Community". We are accepting applications for our Scholarship program until March 1, 2020. Notice of acceptance into our Scholarship Program and the amount of offering will be sent March 9, 2020.

Abundant Volunteer Pass

If you would like to apply for a Volunteer Pass, please complete the form on our Volunteer Page under "Community". These spots will be extremely limited. Applications must be submitted by March 1, 2020. Notice of acceptance into the Volunteer Program will be sent March 9, 2020.

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