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Gather your sisters and pack your camping gear for a whimsical weekend getaway full of workshops, yoga, community meals, arts & crafts, spiritual growth, connection, and tapping into all things divine feminine energy during the Autumn Equinox.

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Time & Location

Sep 21st, 6:30 PM – Sep 24th, 12:00 PM, SW Missouri

Gates will open at noon on Thursday, September 21st. Opening Ceremony will begin at 5pm.

The exact location of this retreat will be disclosed when you purchase your ticket, for safety & privacy reasons.


About The Event

This Women's Retreat is for the dreamers, the nurturers, the maidens, the mothers, the crones, the healers, the lightworkers, the seekers still searching for their place within a feminine community, and those who have lost their way and need to be uplifted. Come celebrate your abundant feminine powers and relish in safe, female connections.​

The gorgeous property is located in Southwest Missouri in the Ozark Mountains. Located on a sacred piece of land with a babbling brook and hidden cave. It is a little piece of heaven on Earth but it is not for the Goddesses faint of heart. The property offers an experience close to primitive camping... off-the-grid "glamping" if you will... with primitive showers and depending on rainfall prior, a small spring to rinse off in. If you'd like to adopt the philosophy of Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, you're not only encouraged, but celebrated, for conserving precious water and using the weekend as an opportunity to connect on a deep level to the Earth and re-establish your confidence in your primal intuition and nature by letting go of your need to bathe for a short 3-day span.


Workshop & Events

The workshops planned for this year's retreat will not disappoint. We have a beautiful lineup of talented and passionate women coming to share their gifts with us this year. This year you can expect the following events:

  • 4 Days / 3 Nights Camping Pass

  • Women's Empowerment Workshops

  • Community Expression

  • Trade Village

  • Daily Movement Workshops

  • Catered Meals

A full description of each workshop will be ​shared on our Facebook Event Page. Please follow us on that page for exciting announcements leading up to the retreat.

Pass Options

The Abundant Sisterhood Autumn Equinox Retreat welcomes all of those that identify as a women, aged 14+, of all races, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, and religions who are ready to do the soul work you're called to do in this life. (*Please note, women aged 14-17 must attend with a legal guardian.) We have two different pass options available to the 2022 Autumn Equinox Retreat.


Ample Abundance Pass:

The Ample Abundance Pass is a Full Event Pass for women aged 14+. It is good for access to all of the scheduled events and workshops during the retreat as well as a camping pass for all three nights. You can also expect for the following meals to be supplied: Dessert on Thursday Night, Dinner on Friday & Saturday Nights, and Brunch on Sunday. 

Cornucopia of Abundance Pass:

The Cornucopia of Abundance Pass is an All-Inclusive Pass for women aged 14+. In addition to a Full Event Pass, this ticket includes all of your basic camping needs waiting for you upon arrival. You will be supplied with one of three spots in an 8-person Yurt tent and the following supplies for you to use for the weekend: cot, sleeping bag, yoga mat, reusable dishes, flashlight, a tumbler, and all of your meals are provided. Due to the nature of these passes, they are available on a very limited basis. Please note, provided supplies must be returned at the end of the retreat.

Pass Pricing & Availability

Passes will be available for purchase during scheduled releases. The dates and payment plans available for each pass release will be below. Please note, payment plans are not available for all scheduled releases. Payment Plan options will be announced prior to the release date. Please join our mailing list or follow us on Instagram or Facebook for reminders of upcoming pass releases.

Mother's Day Main sale

(May 1st - May 14th)

 Ample Abundance Pass...............................$555.00

 Cornucopia of Abundance Pass...............................$777.00

Summer Solstice Sale

(June 5th - June 21st)

 Ample Abundance Pass...............................$599.00

 Cornucopia of Abundance Pass...............................$799.00

Last Chance sale

(July 17th - July 31st)

 Ample Abundance Pass...............................$777.00

 Cornucopia of Abundance Pass...............................$999.00

Purchase Pass

COVID-19 Disclaimer: Due to The Abundant Sisterhood's stand on sovereignty and our sisters' divine right to choose what is best for their bodies we trust that they are making the best decisions for themselves in regards to their health. There will be NO requirements of vaccination or negative COVID-19 tests before attending.  No refunds will be given for missing the event due to sickness.

For Full Terms & Conditions please click the link below.

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